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From England - With Love 

Legal Virginity Tests for all India Women entering England - with love from Britain

By POI Staff

What we see here is the total failure of civility and break down of administration because of spine less leaders and administrators who worry more about their jobs and political power than any values. Total inhuman aboriginal treatment of women of all ages for more than 4 years went un reported under the pretext of law. This incident happened when women prime ministers were ruling in the world right under their supervision to their subjects. Dozens of concerned news papers television channels reported this incident all across Europe but none in India ever made a passing mention of the incident. The reason the wire networks that ‘sell’ their news to Indian counter parts felt the it was inappropriate to tell Indians about the incident. The media dons of India be it English or Local never cared to collect this news and felt worthy reporting it. Probably they might never knew or they thought it is not wroth the space. Hundreds of embassy/high commission staff including high commissioners never felt worth mentioning the issue to the people of India lest we loose respect towards English babus.

The incident never occurred when east india companies were ruling. Nor it is not the time when English collectors regularly ordered molestation and rape of Indian women to get their freedom fighting husbands or to scare away Indian kings from attacking British soldiers. Nor any disgruntled would be mother in law ordered this. But it is the British who ‘humanitarian grounds’ banned the ‘barbaric practice of sati’ did some thing special.

This special of ‘with love from England to Indian women’ was a heinous act law passed under immigration law and implemented for full three years from 1979-1982 when Ms. Margaret Thatcher a ‘noble woman and iron lady’ was prime minister of England and another ‘noble lady Queen Elizabeth’ was head of the state of England. This law simply demanded virginity tests for all Indian and black African women upon their entry in Heathrow International Airport. Many in India feels that England constitution is based on ‘case laws’ rest of the countries were written. But this law like the banishment of the Jews from England enacted under British parliament during the years 1200-1300 is completely racist, discriminatory, and biased against women and shows total dis respect towards the modesty and chastity of women.

According to this law/act in order to stem illegal immigration British figured out that all women coming from India need to be done ‘Virginity Tests’. During the above said period hundreds of thousands of Indian women were forced to undergo compulsory virginity tests under British male doctors if they want to enter England on any visa even on tourist visas. This was not told to them when they got visa in India for England. It was told to them in the airport when they landed there.

The rationale for tests served two purposes. First to determine whether an women applicant entering in England on tourist visa will go back to India or not after tourist visa duration expires. In order to determine this they ‘scientifically figured out’ that if a women is a ‘virgin’ she will by hook or crook stay in England and marry some body to get permanent residency. But if a women is not a ‘virgin’ then she will go back.

The second purpose that this tests served was to determine the bride status of any Indian women entering England. If a woman is coming to England to marry any England born/residing non resident Indian then she has to be ‘virgin’. If she is not ‘virgin’ then the marriage is not genuine and the woman is faking the marriage to illegally reside in England.

In the 1979, Home Secretary, Merlyn Rees, forced Hindu fiancées to undergo medical examination to see if each were a “bona fide virgin”. Male doctors performed virginity tests on women entering Britain from India to marry Asian British nationals or residents. If a woman was not “virgo intacto”, immigration officers assumed she was not a “bona fide” fiancée. The Guardian 1/02/1979.

The reason for such practices was given by the Home Secretary of current prime minister Tony Blair, David Blunkett believes he speaks for “the majority”. According to him, his is the voice of the voiceless white working class frustrated by crime and illegal economic migrants masquerading as asylum seekers (The Guardian 30/09/03). A Guardian editorial describes him as being “proud of his working-class roots and more than ready to represent poor, marginalized white people” (The Guardian 7/09/02).

Though this practice continued for more than three years none in India were ever aware of this practice. Neither the nationalists who raise hue and cry that Indian women were raped by terrorists nor the secularists who fire at will that minority women were molested by nationalists never ever uttered a word about this practice. Worst none of the women who underwent this heinous crime committed against them never reported or even if reported never taken seriously.

Today this practice is discontinued but not banned like the banishment of Jews from England because of many British women protested this crime. But we still think that Britain is the only country that can offer solution for India’s problems and will make India Shine as they did under East India Companies.

Is Immigration the problem or any other sinister motive behind the virginity tests ?
According to a study that examined the sex lives of 12,000 adolescents, conducted by Peter Bearman, the chair of Columbia University's Department of Sociology, who co-authored with Hannah Bruckner of Yale University, found the following

Pledger: Who took a vow that he will not have sex until marriage

Non-Pledger-Who never took a vow that he will not have sex until marriage

99 percent of non-pledgers and 88 percent of pledgers have sex before marriage.

28 percent of female non-pledgers were tested for STDs in the previous year, compared to 14 percent of female pledgers.

41 percent of the male non-pledgers tested positive for STDs and 60 percent of the male pledgers tested positive for STDs.

Given this glorious statistics in America and England did the immigration officials any DNA tissues from the hundreds of thousands of STD free Indian women for medical purposes or for developing vaccination purposes or for growing such cultures in the labs to be used later for virology experiments of either civilian or military vaccination purposes ? Only time will answer this.

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