Portrait of India

India is Shining - Without the Sun 

The Rs. 400 crore advertisement campaign about India shining in the new millennium looks like an advertisement campaign promoted for the discounted sale of every thing Indian. This time western East India Companies turned Multi National Corporations has to spend only money to buy out India. At least during 1700-1857 they had to fight to occupy 50% of India before the exploitation of India Started.

Post European War – 2 also known as World War – 2 the western nations adapted a new theory of warfare called “rapid dominance theory”. Under which the objective of warfare is to defeat a nation politically first with out firing a single shot. In order to defeat a nation politically a massive Psy-ops or psychological operations will be conducted making any nation to believe in what west wanted them believe. Media deception lies and a host of combination of these are used to defeat hard nut nations and democracies like India. At first phase the program aims at killing thinking process within a nation by providing often voluntarily solutions for the problems the nation faces. To achieve this the leader ship (political-both ruling and opposition) will be made paralyzed by carefully engineered shocks be it economic shocks or terrorist shocks. Once this shocks are executed then voluntary solutions for the problems are offered. Slowly the propaganda is mounted in such a way that the nation (s) will follow only one course-course of self destruction for the benefit of western economies. This process repeated in 35 nations under the theme of liberalization and privatization. If we watch the progress of India for the past 10 years we can observe this in full swing.

One such glaring example of this buying India at discount sale all the while bluffing to middle class metropolitan English speaking Indians about Shining India can be found in the 2004 Guinness Book of World Records. In their 2004 edition they mentioned about a record event about a country. It goes like this. The country with most official languages. Guess the result, it is South Africa with 11 official languages. Officially India has 15 languages printed with script on their currency notes. (Currently India has 18 Official languages). So either Guinness book is not considering India as a nation or not considering Indian languages as languages at all. All the while the nation from where the Guinness Book was published, England ruled us ruthlessly exploited our natural resources and today pats on our back that we are going to become a major power if we continue privatization and liberalization. The publishers of the Guinness Book of World Records belong to the same industrial consortium headed by East India Company owners turned into current Multi National Corporations. It is naive to believe that the publishers and authors of Guinness Book are not aware of the official languages listed in India.

Now all major metropolitan English speaking crowds in India would have picked up this book as this is necessary for any competitive examinations. Also our major embassies would have monitored this and reported back to Government of India. In addition to this all major leading think tanks within and outside India would have customarily browsed this event and would have raised a hue and cry at least to delete such thing from the next edition. Till now nothing is done. No news paper reported this, no TV channel ever made a passing comment about this. This is what experts call asymmetric information flow. In implementing the theory of rapid dominance it is most important to prevent information from reaching a target audience so that their decision making is exclusively skewed towards a particular desired out come that benefits a particular western power using this theory. This means we are now entering the phase of inactivity a penultimate stage in the theory of rapid dominance where nations become inactive in response even if basic facts about them are mis reported.

We from POI will release a series of events that are happening in India since September 11, to show how the theory of rapid dominance is culminating in the India Shining Campaign and other such events that will come in the picture till the nation completely submits (this time not 50% of nation but the whole nation).